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Switch So i have mixed feelings about this game. 1st off this game is Just like XCOM, so i...


Jalen D Simmons

So i have mixed feelings about this game.
1st off this game is Just like XCOM, so i know I'll love it.

But i just hate Rabbids.

But aye is this the 1st game in history to produce a Mario game from a different company


Cameron Hale

I think after a certain point you can play with just the Mario characters and not the Rabbids


Emmanuel André Leguizamón

Square Enix made a few Mario Sports game, Namco made the baseball game in gamecube. And the Tenis and golf were made by Camelot.
I can go on lol


Jesse McCree

I'm taking a chance with it even with my hatred of Rabbids, who knows maybe this game will make me like them. Aslong as it's in Nintendo's hand I'm sure you're at least getting a decent experience.


Mario Rex Ferrara

I'm happy people are excited but for me it's no to Ubisoft, no to Rabbids, no to the selfie hashtag humor. Everything about this game makes me cringe


Matt Evertson

If this had been all Nintendo, like an Xcom with the SSB lineup, I'd be all over it. But I can't stand the rabbids.


Gene Gregg Vargas

I've never played xcom so I'm not sure if this is a good game for me. I love splatoon and arms though.


Benjamin Sullivan

When I first heard this announced I thought it was the worst idea for a crossover game ever. I told myself it would be awful and I had no plans on getting it.

Then I saw the E3 video and I fell in love with it. I pre-ordered it the next day and can't wait until Tuesday, I've even taken all day Wednesday off of work.

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