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Hunter is a skill in RuneScape that can be developed by players who are members only by the capture of
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various creatures around Gielinor. They reward experience as well as occasionally, items (chinchompas for instance). For lower levels of hunter the player is able to set 1 trap. As you level your skill to 20, you'll be able to place 2 on the 40-3/3 level, on the 60-3/4 levels and 3, on 60 to 4 and 5 at level 80.

There's a further benefit of hunting in the nature as it allows you the chance to put in an additional trap. Many people train their Hunter skills to be able to catching chinchompas which is very profitable while you play OSRS. Since it is a skill that is highly click-intensive there aren't a lot of afk-friendly strategies for it. In our article, you'll find a complete list of the most effective ways to become Hunter. Hunter.

Let's explore the easiest method to become a advanced hunter. At the start of your journey through this skill, it's not necessary to even need any items. Just head to the Varrock museum, where you can converse with Orlando Smith and for completing one of his mini-games, he'll give you 1000 exp for each of the Hunter and Slayer skills. The goal is to get to Level 9.

When you are there, you will be looking to catch Copper Longtails. You can find them just south in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Bring with you some bird snares. Begin by putting ones on top of each other. You need more than single bird snares because you may lose it.

You'll be searching for Ruby Harvest butterflies using a butterfly nets as well as a butterfly jar. To find them just head a few steps south-east where you'll see the paw icon at the bottom of the map. Every when you capture a butterfly you put them into a jar. After that just click on the container to release your catch. Make sure to bring with some bird snares to keep on catchin' Copper Longtails and
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an inventory of jars, as they might break.

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