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My initial proposal deals with all rune running


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Now visit the Bandit's Camp, and
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traveling south-west, along the high cliffs. When you do, then it will pull towards a spot along the cliffs. When you stand upon this place, the Talisman will evaporate, and you'll automaticly bend down and wipe off some sand the floor, revealing a Stone Door. When you examine the door you'll find the following:'I wonder what this leads to...' You also have an option to'Proceed' the door. If you do not have 70/70 power (at least), then you will find the warning:'you are not able to alter the door' When you do that, an NPC, Taurus, will look alongside you. Taurus weilds a granite countertop, has steel chainmail steel and on plate legs. He has tan skin and has a black mustache.Go in the Tower and speak to Harmony. Your dog or crab must be epic to fight. Fighting! for LEGENDS. Challenge an NPC. You'll be at the arena, fighting against an opponent Heroic or Legendary dog, or against a routine or bird that is mythical. When a pet dies, you receive its corpse. You can bring your dog, bird or crab into a Pet Store to get a new, regular one. If your bird expires, you can use a Prayer publication of the Bird's God and 70 Prayer to deliver it back into life.

My initial proposal deals with all rune running. Ever since the commerce limit upgrade, its been difficult to conduct air and law runes. I am aware there's the assist system, however in freeplay atmosphere running you get a bunch of scammers stating"free 10x assist", badly ripping people off for experience.

My thought is that. Make the purchase price of rune and pure character increase once inside the altar. This could make rune running a bit more normal. If you like the help system, this would not restrict you from using it. Next is my Clan Wars suggestion. Staked Clan wars. Yes, I know this was frequently suggested. But my thought is different. In order to get your clan take part in clan wars, you need to have 8 members in your clan actively engaging in the war.

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