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Destiny 2: How To Be The Best Titan


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Destiny 2: How To Be The Best Titan

Have you taken on the pride and responsibilities of being the strongest, most selfless class in Destiny 2? Good. Here are some tips to help you succeed and feel like a total boss, whether you're with a fireteam or playing solo.

If you're a first-time Titan, consult our
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, and be sure to check out all our
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for more information on what's happening with the shared world shooter. f you're curious about other classes, click from the links below.

But if you're ready to start thinking about optimising your playstyle for endgame content, read ahead!

Be Proactive In Supporting Your Allies

The Titan's unique class ability creates a wall of cover, which is hands-down the most useful skill to help a team out during a firefight (Warlocks, don't read this). You have two versions to pick from here:

Rallying Barricade creates a chest-high cover that can fit 3-4 people behind it. Once you're crouched behind it, your fireteam can peek over the wall simply by aiming down sights. Once you pop back down, your gun will instantly reload. This is great fortification to set up if you're taking on a large group of relatively weak enemies like Acolytes or Dregs, since you can basically fire non-stop. That said, being able to instantly reload power weapons against Elite enemies is incredibly useful--imagine firing one-shot rocket launchers like a semi-automatic! But since most bosses tend to dance around a lot, assess the situation first so you don't waste your chance.

Towering Barricade on the other hand is great to pull out in really dicey situations like Strikes and Nightfalls. The wall created here is much larger, and can block big chunks of splash damage from Cabal Colossi if there isn't much safe cover around. Towering Barricade is also useful for protecting capture points in Crucible PVP from opposing fire, though you won't be able to shoot out of it as easily. Also note that an enemy Crucible team will take damage if they run through the Towering Barricade, so use it to deter them from using a certain path.

Every Good Fireteam Needs Ward of Dawn

The Sentinel's Code of the Protector trait tree is the one you should be using if you're working within a fireteam that needs help with survival in the game's most punishing content, like Nightfalls and Raids.

Within it is Ward of Dawn, the greatest defensive tool of any class. This shield dome blocks all incoming damage and gives you increased resistance to damage while within it. It's a great last-ditch tool to stop your teammates from dying or just give everyone a breather. It's also incredibly useful for setting up a safe zone around downed allies, which will let you revive them in relative safety. In PVP, Ward of Dawn is a valuable tool for making sure you and your allies can hold or protect a point.

If you're the guy in fireteam with Ward of Dawn, your teammates will learn to love and worship you. Remember that bit in Destiny 2's first cutscene, where Commander Zavala heroically saves the lives of everyone with him in the tower from Cabal gunships? That's you, and you're doing a great job.

Punch Everything For The Greater Good

If you and your Fireteam find yourselves in slightly more forgiving scenarios, you'll learn that for Titans, offence can often be the best defence. If your team is confident enough to fight together behind enemy lines the Melee skills in the Sentinel's Code of the Protector are incredibly advantageous to you and your team. You'll have the ability to both heal and grant bonus shields to yourself and nearby allies every time you kill someone with a charged melee attack. If you time this right, this can basically mean a second life for you all. The good kind of second life, not the weird social MMO kind.

The Sunbreaker subclass has similar melee buffs--Code of the Fireforged gives your charged melee kills the ability to grant bonus movement and reload speed, but obviously these traits are more useful when you're fighting at mid-range distance. So change it up depending on the kinds of encounters you're finding yourself in.

Punch Everything For Your Own Good

The "offence is the best defence" mantra applies to solo play, too. Titans can tank more damage than other classes, and each Titan subclass has a trait tree that focuses on boosting offensive potential. If you don't have any squishy Hunters or Warlock allies to babysit, flip over to one of these trees to kill more things, more quickly. This is also something to consider if you're in a Fireteam with another Titan filling the support role, and we've also found that these offensive traits are more useful for Crucible PVP.

For example, the Sentinel's Code of the Aggressor gives you an additional throw to your Sentinel Shield super, and gives you a trait that decreases your super cooldown when you kill enemies surrounded by other enemies--so get in there and keep that super up as much as you can!

The Striker's Code of the Earthshaker helps boost your area-of-effect damage potential with the Fists of Havoc super, leaving damaging fields of Arc damage after you perform ground pounds. It'll also give you an extra grenade charge, and your Pulse and Lightning grenades additional pulses. Both of these traits are a huge boon when facing big groups of clumped-up enemies, or when you need to create treacherous ground to soften up charging enemies.

The Sunbreaker's Code of the Fire-Forged really makes the Hammer of Sol super shine. It'll cause enemies hit by it to explore, the hammers to shatter, and throwing them into big groups can have spectacular effects.

Each of these Titan subclasses also comes with a brutal charging melee attack that does area-of-effect damage, which is a very strong opener after you sprint headfirst into a pack of enemies in PVE, or to surprise opponents around corners in the Crucible. The Sentinel's Shield Bash disorients enemies around you, the Striker's Seismic Strike triggers an Arc explosion, and the Sunbreaker's Mortar Blast sets nearby enemies on fire.

Know When To Stop Punching

With all the above in mind, a wise Titan knows when to retreat. Not punching things for a short period of time is better than having to restart from the beginning of a Darkness Zone. When all your abilities are on cooldown, your guns all need reloading, your health is flashing red and you're still surrounded by enemies, get the hell out of there.

Catapult Jump is useful jump to have equipped any time you're not doing any serious platforming or traversal. It gives you a faster burst of momentum when you trigger the jump, meaning you can get the hell out of a sticky situation a little faster in 'oh shit' moments.

Towering Barricade, if you have it available, is also good tool to use on retreat. It can block a good amount of fire as you retreat to a safer position, or if the situation is right, you can simply fortify a position and take a breather while you wait for your health to regenerate.

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