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Destiny 2: All The Hunter Gunslinger Skills


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All The Hunter Gunslinger Skills

The Gunslinger returns in
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but with a few changes. In this gallery, we've rounded up images of every skill for the Hunter's Gunslinger subclass, which returns from the first game. While the Gunslinger's Super sounds similar to that of the first game, two new Dodge abilities allow you to either automatically reload your weapon or generate Melee energy. There's also a version of Throwing Knife that causes it to explode when used at full Melee energy.

Here's a quick breakdown of all the skills and traits for the Gunslinger subclass, and for more info on everything related to the Hunter and other classes, check in with our guides below for all things happening with Destiny 2.

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Super Ability: Golden Gun

Press L1 + R1 (LB + RB on Xbox One, F on PC) to summon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies with Solar Light. It's an easy-to-use Super, but in order to use it effectively, it takes a precise and steady hand.

Passive Buffs: Way of the Outlaw

Way of the Outlaw's passive abilities add benefits to the Golden Gun Super. It supports a greater mix of playstyles, making it a good choice for those who enjoy the mystique of the Gunslinger subclass, but don't necessarily have a steady enough hand to utilize the passive buffs from the Way of the Sharpshooter.

Passive Buffs: Way of the Sharpshooter

If you're adept at precision kills, Way of the Sharpshooter is for you. It sports passive abilities, all of which reward your deadeye talents while using the Golden Gun.


Pressing L1 (LB on Xbox One and Q on PC) with the Gunslinger subclass enables the Hunter to toss grenades imbued with a variety of abilities. Here are the three different grenade types you can apply your character.

Incendiary Grenade - An explosive grenade that catches enemies on fire, causing additional damage over time.

Swarm Grenade - A grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies.

Tripmine Grenade - An explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger.


Pressing R1 (RB on Xbox One and C on PC) allows the Hunter to use a melee strike. With the Gunslinger, these melee attacks can be used from a distance.

Explosive Knife - Throw a knife at enemies that explodes shortly after impact when Melee energy is full.

Knife Juggler - Throw a knife from a distance. Precision knife kills immediately recharge your Melee ability.

Passive Traits

The Gunslinger's passive traits offer you two different ways of utilizing its power. One path embraces variety in shooting tactics, while the other focuses more on rewarding precise shooting.

Way of the Outlaw

Chains of Woe - Precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and your nearby allies.

Deadshot - Significantly improves your ability to hit with Golden Gun.

Six-Shooter - Golden Gun can be fired quickly up to six times but has a shorter duration.

Way of the Sharpshooter

Practice Makes Perfect - Enter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super.

Crowd-Pleaser - Enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Precision hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light.

Line 'Em Up - Precision hits with Golden Gun increase its damage and extend its duration.

Class Ability

New to Destiny 2 are class abilities which gives Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans a unique skill to perform in addition to their special grenade and melee abilities. To use them, press and hold the Circle Button (B on Xbox One, V on PC).

Marksman's Dodge - Dodge to perform an evasive maneuver with a steady hand. Dodging automatically reloads your weapon.

Gambler's Dodge - Dodge to perform a deft tumble, avoiding enemy attacks. Dodging near enemies fully recharges your Melee Ability.


Unlike the Titans and Warlocks, the Hunter's jumping abilities focus on height and maneuverability Arcstrider jump options are as follows:.

High Jump - While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.

Strafe Jump - While airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.

Triple Jump - While airborne, sustain your air control with a second or third jump.

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