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    There's No Need To Worry About Paid DLC Or Microtransactions In Team Sonic Racing

    It's all there on the game card. In a recent Sonic the Hedgehog live stream over on YouTube and Twitch, Sega's Aaron Webber answered a question about microtransactions, paid DLC and if anything similar will feature in Team Sonic Racing. Despite many companies embracing this model like there’s...
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    LANパーティーで楽しむデジタルとアナログを融合したゲーム 今回はTokyo Sandbox2019で展示されていた作品から『マドリカ不動産(英題:Madorica Rea Estate)』を紹介します。
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    Video: Can Team Sonic Racing On Switch Keep Pace With The PlayStation 4 Version?

    See for yourself. As you might have already heard, our copy of Team Sonic Racing hasn't arrived yet. As a result, our review for this game will be going live post-launch. For anyone who is eager to pick up or download the Switch version right away, but is worried about how it performs compared...
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    Rumour: A Sequel To Detective Pikachu Is Already In Development

    Pika-two. If you haven't seen live-action movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu yet, you might want to hurry up. After an electrifying opening weekend, is reporting a sequel is already in the early stages of development. According to the source, multiple individuals involved in the...
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    スターデューバレー+テラリア+ゼルダの伝説で作業ゲーから「退屈」をぶっとばせ 叩いて掘って集めてつくる、結果がすぐ出る優しい世界。せっかちな人向けスターデューバレー『Forager』は、ゲーマー最大の敵「退屈」に立ち向かうゲームだった。
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    Winter-Themed Update Adds A Frosty New Location And Team To Xenon Racer

    Includes a new car and three new tracks. When Xenon Racer arrived on the Switch eShop in March, it looked like a potato and ran like one, too. In an attempt to fix up this mess, 3DClouds added a Quality/Performance display option to this version of the game. Now that the Switch iteration has...
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    Katana Zero Is Receiving A "Significant Update" At The End Of This Month

    You'll even be able to pet a cat. Katana Zero has been one of the standout indie releases of 2019. Now, a little over a month after its release on the Switch and PC, the game's developer Askiisoft has revealed a significant update is arriving at the end of May. This will include a brand new...
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    ビデオゲームと映画を繋げる“バレットタイム” 『マトリックス』20周年を記念し、ビデオゲームと映画を繋げる“バレットタイム”について考える。
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    2020 Call of Duty Will Reportedly Now Be Black Ops 5 Due to Alleged Development Shift

    Treyarch will take over from Sledgehammer and Raven. Treyarch will reportedly take over development of 2020's Call of Duty, which is rumored to now be Black Ops 5.
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    Overwatch: 3-Year Anniversary Celebration Announced

    Six new Legendary skins, 3 epic skins, and all past seasonal cosmetic items. Overwatch has announced that it will celebrate its 3-year anniversary from May 21 - June 10 with new skins, dances, sprays, all past seasonal cosmetic items, and most seasonal brawls.
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    Some World of Warcraft Classic 'Bugs' Are Actually Features, Blizzard Says

    It's 2005 all over again, for better or worse. Blizzard says some of the jankier parts of WoW Classic are intentional.
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    Daily Deals: $50 of Blizzard Credit for $40, Minecraft 37% Off

    Pick up Minecraft Java version for 37% off, Blizzard Store credit for only $40 or Mortal Kombat 11 at a cheap $49.94!
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    Random: The Internet Is Obsessed With Nintendo's Good Boy, Undodog

    The top dog in Super Mario Maker 2. One of the highlights during the recent Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation was the confirmation of Undodog, a good boy who is one of the many helpful characters Mario will encounter in the brand new story mode. If you're not familiar with Undodog (also...
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    Up At Noon: Spider-Man's Far From Home Jet, Gross Switch Games, Operation: Aliens Action Figure and Avatar 2

    "Avatalk" returns! Plus: why being an Avatar fan sucks, and the grossest Nintendo Switch games we could find.
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    Spider-Man's Far From Home Jet, Gross Switch Games, Operation: Aliens Action Figures and Avatar 2 - Up at Noon

    Spider-Man Doesn't Need a Jet - Up At Noon Episode 5 Up At Noon: Why Does Spider-Man Have a Jet?
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    Guide: How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon And Glaceon In Pokémon GO, With Or Without A Lure Module

    The name trick is back. After months and months of waiting, the last of the non-legendary Pokémon from Generation 4 have finally arrived in Pokémon GO. The update has introduced another two evolutions for the super versatile Eevee - Leafeon and Glaceon. Both of these Pokémon were first seen in...
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    Talented Artist Recreates Red And Blue Starter Evolutions As Different Pokémon Types

    Which one would you pick? Part of what made the original Pokémon games so special on the Game Boy was the starter pocket monsters you could select from. You had the choice of the grass/poison-type Bulbasaur, the water-type Squirtle, and the fire-type Charmander. As your journey progressed...
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    Daily Win: Free Collectible - Enter for a Chance to Win a Collectible Undertale Vinyl

    Many will enter, one will win! Every day we're giving away a new game to one lucky winner. Enter today for a chance to win a collectible Undertale vinyl.
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    Video: 19 Secret Details Hidden In The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct Presentation

    Watch and learn. You've watched the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct multiple times over, found out a bit more thanks to the game's eShop listing and perhaps heard more detailed explanations, so why not take the time out to listen to our lovely senior video producer, Alex Olney, talk about 19 secret...
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    Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (May 18th)

    Here are our picks, but what are yours? With that lovely Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct and the surprise launch of a new Pokémon smartphone game, it's been yet another busy week for us here at Nintendo Life. Still, it's now time to sit back and relax for another weekend, and we've gathered...

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